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October 11, 2011
Bethlehem & Neb--An Ethiopian Wedding

Bethlehem met Neb through a mutual friend. Neb was attending a six week course in radiology that Bethlehem was also attending. Fate had love in store for this couple! After dating for nearly two years, Neb bought an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day and proposed on February 19th. Their wedding was steeped in Ethiopian tradition. The bread cutting ceremony is traditional in Ethiopian culture, for the family members to name the bride. They named Betty “Amale work” a person of good character; a person worth gold. The departure ceremony was also steeped in tradition, where the Bride and Groom kiss the knees of the family members showing respect for the elders. This tradition is to thank the family members for the love and caring they have had throughout their lives and to thank them for the wedding. Betty works as a radiologist for Fort Belvoir and Neb serves as a fellow radiologist at Johns Hopkins. They plan to honeymoon in the Bahamas and in Venice Italy!

Photo credits: Gedion

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