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October 04, 2011
Kate & Dennis--wedding bells
Unconventional and daring, four years ago, Kate bought her handsome husband-to-be  a drink from across the bar at Mc Fadden’s, in Washington, D.C. …and four years later it was wedding bells! They were engaged on August 22, 2010, although Dennis would have preferred it to have been sooner, because, as Dennis say’s “it took a week for Kate to sit still!” Kate and Dennis have common interests of horses in their backgrounds. Kate is an accomplished rider and shares her love of horses and riding with her sister and her Mom. Kate’s sister has an equine therapy practice for children. Mother of the Bride--Dr. Joan (an OBGYN for the Fuller Roberts Clinic in Halifax, VA) and I rode Houston and Dante the morning of the wedding and greeted Kate while she was having her hair and make-up done. This couple is perfect for each other because they both run at the “same pace.” Kate is finishing a one year internship and will soon officially be “Doctor Kate.” She is interning at the Children’s National Medical Center and also serves at a private practice as a child psychologist. Dennis just finished his masters of architecture degree and is an architect for Westlink, Reed and Leskosky.  Check out the photos from Kate's aunt, Rachel Devine from from Melbourne, Australia, a world class photographer with Sesame Ellis Photography:  





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