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September 06, 2011
Long Distance Planning for a Perfect Wedding!
SEE Hayden and Andy's PHOTO ALBUM!
Hayden is not only the most beautiful bride, but the most beautiful Army Captain and Black Hawk pilot you will ever meet. Captain “Hayden” is a Black Hawk Pilot and flies Medi-vac. Not only does Hayden serve country as a military officer, but she also believes in serving the soldiers, by flying high risk, life-saving missions, retrieving wounded soldiers and bringing them to safety. Her handsome husband Andy, also a Captain in the Army,  is a pilot for Kiowa helicopters. I love a man in uniform and there were lots of them for this wedding! Planning a wedding was not an easy task for these two. Both were preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. Hayden was stationed in Hawaii for most of the planning process. Mother of the Bride, Theresa assisted in the planning process amidst a move from Kansas to Alexandria, VA. The Bride and the Mother of the Bride were stars. Both did an exceptional job of planning this wedding. Kudos to Barbara, a dear friend of both Theresa and myself, who helped put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make this an unforgettable wedding day! This group sang and danced the night away! I don’t think anyone sat down between songs at all! What a great celebration! Can't wait to ride with this horsewoman/bride when she returns from Afganistan!

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