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August 01, 2011
No need for heavy artillery for this couple!

Alison and Barney survived the heat this weekend. Ali wore a gorgeous, shoulder less wedding gown. Barney, his Dad—the Colonel, and his groomsmen, the majority of whom were military men, were especially handsome in their tuxes. The families of both were incredibly special, right down to the matriarch of the clan, “grandma” who insisted on a photo op with me and the horses. I loved the Father of the Bride speech, where he divulged how he first knew that Barney was “the one.” He said that he knew Barney was special when he asked Ali about him and she responded “Daddy, I love him.”  As for Barney, he invited Mr. “P” to a “shoot out,” with his buddies, where they were practicing firing their weapons. Barney pulled him aside and asked for Ali’s hand in marriage. Out-numbered and out-gunned, there was no place to run. Mr. “P” claims he didn’t need the heavy artillery to say yes!

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