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October 23, 2010
A Wedding Steeped in Tradition

When wedding planning, many couples may seek to incorporate elements both old and new, traditional and contemporary. One Northern Virginia couple, Jenny and Ed incorporated some traditional ideas into their festivities. Jenny framed pictures of Ed and herself at various stages in their lives, and placed them around the Inn. It gave the Inn a warm and personal feeling, like a home away from home.

They also incorporated tradition from the Philippines, a country rich in traditions and the origin of Ed’s delightful family.  One of the Filipino customs is the money dance. The bride and groom dance to a Filipino love song and while they are dancing, the guests will throw money on the floor or pin the dollar bills on the bride and groom's clothing. The money dance has become a tradition at Filipino weddings. The idea of this is to help contribute to the wealth and happiness of the couple.
(Photography credit to Christi Porter at

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