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October 17, 2010
Amber and Greg’s Allergy Free Wedding

Her dream wedding is stunning and so is she. She walks down the aisle with her colorful bouquet, but her eyes start watering. She tries stifling a sneeze. Her anxiety builds – it's just the beginning of her allergic agony. She must get through the "I dos" without ruining her eye-make-up. Everyone holds their breath. No bride wants an allergic reaction coming between her and her fantasy wedding!

A good florist who knows about allergy free flowers can help. Amber and Greg hunted for a terrific florist and found one through Hunt Country Celebrations: Shelley’s Floral Enterprise.

All bridal bouquets and boutonnières were made of paper. They were surprisingly real! Amber tested several roses that did not upset her allergies and Shelly put together a terrific array of white roses, fragrant basil, eggplants, purple artichokes, and green apples. The finished product was breath-taking!

Finding allergy free flowers to make your wedding and wedding photos sparkle, takes a determined bride and an experienced florist. Amber was radiant and she and Greg danced the night away with all of their children, family and friends.

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