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October 17, 2010
Military Heroes Save the Life of Mother of the Bride

The most beautiful of brides, Lindsay, her Mom, and her bridesmaids were primping for the decorum of a full military wedding this weekend, when there was an urgent request from the Maid of Honor to call 9-1-1. The Mother of the Bride had collapsed and Father of the Bride, a retired marine was right at her side, conducting CPR. Our handsome and adept groom, a marine and doctor, jumped out of the shower and quickly arrived on scene to clear her air passageway and resuscitate her into a stable state. She was whisked off in an ambulance and was evaluated at local the hospital, but was later released that evening to rejoin the wedding celebration in the grand ballroom. It was a grand entrance indeed and all the guests applauded her revival and arrival!

Fred and Lindsay enjoyed a full military wedding with a saber ceremony as the finishing touch. Chaplain James Asher took particular delight in performing the ceremony. Another perfect wedding for a perfect wedding couple…thanks to our military heroes.

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